Thinking about starting a business?

Dice_399139066_6cf6ff4d30In a down economy, thinking about starting a business might be the furthest from your mind. However, some of today's best and well-known companies were started during deep recessions (think Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, Revlon, etc).

What many don't realize is that starting a business during a recession actually offers many opportunities--such as lower costs than during boom times and a better market in which to hire talented workers. Of course, as with starting a business at any time, you have to consider the pros and cons and do a proper market analysis. But during a recession this analysis (called business planning) is even more critical and acute. Starting a business should never be a pure roll of the dice but it is a calculated risk.

Arm yourself with information, whether you want to start the next multi-million dollar franchise or a small, home-based business to help supplement your income. Set yourself up for business success by taking a short, 2-hour Start Smart seminar to get an overview of what you need to know before you start your business.

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