Why Cash is King?: Take the Basics of Business Ownership Class To Learn More

Those of us who work with small businesses can't emphasize enough the importance of cashflow management and the role cash plays in a business. This means preparing and analyzing your cashflow statement on a timely, at least monthly, basis.

Cash is the underlying fuel for any business. Often, it is also the surest sign of profitability and general "health" of a business. Kudos to Elise Spontarelli, owner of GetCreative Web Design, who took our 6-Week Self-Employment Class last year and writes about it in her blog. Elise gets the importance of cashflowing, and she provides some interesting insights on how the training helped her business management skills.

Don't take our word for why cash is important or why the class is helpful... read about the class and how it benefitted Elise. In the 6-Week Self Employment Class you will learn how to prepare a cashflow statement for your business, and more importantly, you will know how to interpret it. You will also learn so much more, from budgeting, to marketing, to what it takes to get a loan these days.

Information is power. Our role in providing this class is to empower our local entrepreneurs. Like Elise, we hope you'll take advantage of our resources and information.

* Image Source: This image sourced from Flickr on CreativeCommons.org; image by Jake Wasdin